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Charity around the World

Melissa Nunnally/ August 29, 2016/ Global Connection/ 0 comments

Do you know the world’s most generous country? According to the 2015 World Giving Index Report, these are the top three most generous countries: Myanmar The United States New Zealand This report is based on the percentage of people in each country who donate money, volunteer, and help people they don’t know. The findings also reveal that generosity doesn’t correlate with the wealth of

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DNA Testing to Discover Ancestry

Melissa Nunnally/ August 21, 2016/ Global Connection/ 0 comments

It’s always intriguing to learn more information about your personal history! Last year, my husband’s 100-year-old grandfather submitted a DNA sample to get a readout of his genetic genealogy. To be honest, my mother-in-law thought he was wasting his money. But, Papa loved receiving the report and sharing it with the family! It confirmed the stories he knew about himself

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Is Fair Trade the Answer?

Melissa Nunnally/ August 14, 2016/ Global Connection/ 0 comments

Fair trade certification was developed to ensure that farmers receive a fair price for their harvest and that lasting relationships are established between farmer and buyer.  On this episode of Global Connection, Maxwell and Serena discuss if fair trade is the answer to help promote sustainability in developing countries. Maxwell thought that fair trade was a great concept but hoped

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