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THRnewlogoCulture. Values. Family.

People want a life that is founded upon good principles of virtue, community, Providence and the exercise of faith in freedom.

Much of the malaise and unease that marks the current atmosphere is fueled by the reckless and ill-sacred overtone that has been promulgated by seculars, atheists and pagans that control the puppet strings of the popular culture.

Divine Sign Productions aims to turn the tide back and aright the ship. We are not focusing on the retro as if obsessed by “the good ole days.”  We are forging ahead so that those who want what decent people find camaraderie in the fellowship of like-minded friends.

This show is high-energy, insightful, and delving – yet humorously creative in its atmosphere that inspires, enriches, and activates.  We use a relational approach to discussing the issues that matter to ethical people and their families.

We don’t come with all the answers and “recipes” for success, but we provide a forum and platform where people feel heard in their heart concerns about what must be done.

By presenting a balanced, holistic approach to family matters, people will be empowered to take a stand on issues where they have a passion; perhaps even a passion they had become defeated in and thus had abandoned.

We expect our audience to respond positively to our uplifting content. We have an extraordinary cast and a remarkably talented team.

It’s time to shift gears!

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