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Charity around the World

Global Connection / The High Road

Do you know the world’s most generous country? According to the 2015 World Giving Index Report, these are the top three most generous countries:

  1. Myanmar
  2. The United States
  3. New Zealand

This report is based on the percentage of people in each country who donate money, volunteer, and help people they don’t know.

The findings also reveal that generosity doesn’t correlate with the wealth of a country. Only five of the G20 countries appear in the Top 20 Most Generous Countries!

On this episode of Global Connection, we discuss this report. What do you think is the key factor to generosity?

Myanmar named world’s most generous country (Photo courtesy: myanmar.travel)

Maxwell shared that the people of Myanmar are devout Buddhists. Giving is ingrained in that culture because they believe the good deeds they do in this life will affect their next life.  They regularly give money and time to support the monks and help in the upkeep of temples.

Serena commented that the United States has a rich Judeo-Christian history where we believe we are called to help those around us and be the hands and feet of Christ. When there is a need, Americans are quick to address the need and respond with giving or volunteering – especially after a major world disaster.

Americans seem to be quite generous when it comes to monetary giving, but are we willing to address the immediate needs of those around us?

Serena said she would love to see more hands-on giving in our local areas. Instead of just writing checks to help others, she would love to see Americans be more willing to  help strangers on a regular basis. PLUS they would get the added benefit of being blessed by serving others!

Maxwell shared that in less affluent countries, people rely on the generosity of others for survival! They work together as a community to build infrastructure and even help strangers with farming. That all adds up to generosity according to this report!

We want to hear your ideas about generosity! How do you give back to help those in need around you? Leave your comment below!

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