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Personal Food Supply

Do you have enough food to keep your family safe in the event of a disaster? On this episode of Global Connection, we discuss the importance of having control of your personal food supply.

Serena shared how people who rely completely on the grocery store for their food don’t realize how precarious their situation might be. If something catastrophic happens, their food supply would run out in 3 days!

Maxwell reminded us that even if there is an event like a trucker strike, cities would be out a food in about a week!

 So what is the solution?

Serena stressed the importance of growing our own food – even if you live in an urban area. She shared about this photo of an urban community in Switzerland where everyone is growing a garden.

Urban gardens in Switzerland

Maxwell shared that the earth produces enough food for about 15 billion people, but half of that food is lost because of rot or pests. He emphasized the importance of sharing food with one another to help address this problem.

Serena also brought up the idea of saving and sharing seeds from these gardens. When we are producing our own seeds, it helps to maintain the variety of our foods!

What are your thoughts? 

How do you maintain your personal food supply? In some areas it is easier than others, but this may just be an opportunity to come together with your neighborhood to chat about idea. We would love your thoughts!

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