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Robotic Coworkers


Would you be comfortable having a robot as a coworker? (Global Connection / The High Road)


We all love the Star Wars droids, but would you actually feel comfortable having a robot as a coworker? On this episode of Global Connection, we chat about this issue! Robots with human-like traits may become a reality sooner than you might expect.

In 2014, Google announced that it was working on a “quantum” computer chip to allow machines to think more like humans. You can read the science behind this chip here: Google’s Quantum Computer Chip

Meet Eve, the hospital robot. A San Fransisco hospital uses a fleet of 25 robots to perform everyday tasks. (CNET)

A hospital in San Francisco has a fleet of 25 robots to work as couriers around the hospital. The robots deliver 1000 meals a day to patients! They also transport medicine and specimens for the lab. You can watch them in action here: Hospital Robots Give a Helping Hand

As we discussed this topic, Drake shared that he liked the idea of using robots because they would always be on time, never have a bad attitude and never need a break.

Serena responded that we would completely lose the human touch if we implement more robots to perform everyday tasks. She was also concerned about hardware and software malfunctions and hackers.

And we all agreed that this human-like robot definitely needs an easy to find OFF switch!

What about you? Would you be comfortable having a robot as a coworker? What tasks would you like this machine to handle?  Leave a comment or tweet us your thoughts!

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