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The Fate of an Olympic Stadium

Moderator, Melissa Nunnally, poses the following question:

Over the course of the modern Olympics, some stadiums have been reused, but several stadiums have been completely abandoned. What happens to Olympic stadiums after the games? What can be done with the so-called White Elephants of the Sports World?

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Serena: I think we should go back to Greece for 50 to 100 years. The Olympics are supposed to give the host city (country) an economic boost, and we all know how Greece needs an economic boost. Let’s go back to Greece for a while and rebuild the Summer Games there.

Drake: I’m not opposed to going back to Greece for an extended period of time, but in general, whoever builds in whatever city, please have a long-term plan. Nothing is more discouraging than seeing these stadiums look in disarray.

Serena: Mark Perryman, in his book,¬†Why the Olympics Aren’t Good for Us, and How They Can Be, suggested that Olympics could take place over a region and reutilize stadiums that are built for a certain purpose – swimming, gymnastics, etc.

How about you? What do you think? What can we do to make the Olympics a gold medal situation for everybody?

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