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The Implantable ID Chip


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Would you get an implanted ID chip? (Global Connection / The High Road)


By the year 2017, some believe that everyone will have an implanted identification chip. Several businesses are already using these ID chips for their employees! There are plenty of ways these chips would make life more convenient, but there are also risks. For instance, what happens if that chip gets a computer virus?

Scientist infects computer virus into his implanted ID chip (Mark Gasson)

On this episode of Global Connection, we talk about a scientist with one of these implanted ID chips. He intentionally infected it with a computer virus to see how that virus affected other computers. Guess what? That virus easily spread to each computer that scanned his ID chip! You can read more about this experiment here: Human Computer Virus

Serena loves gadgets but definitely prefers to keep technology outside of her body. Drake was concerned that these ID chips might start out as a novel idea and then become mandatory and then perhaps be used to become the biblical “mark of the beast” giving someone with ill intentions too much opportunity for power. Both Serena and Drake agreed that they wouldn’t want this implantable ID chip – even if it does make life easier!

What about you? If you were offered an implantable ID chip would you take it? We would love to hear your thoughts! Tweet us @highroadtravis or send us an email:  feedback@thehighroadshow.com 

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