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Drake and the Shopping Spree

“A husband who ‘loses’ his wife so he can be on his own, will end up being all alone.” Drake’s Law

Men, if you’re anything like me, it’s easy to dread a “shopping” trip with the wife. I recently had the privilege of spending a day with my wife and daughter at Ikea… maybe you can relate.

I bet your feet were getting tired just watching that video.

Why do we do that to ourselves? Why did I say, “yes” when I knew my experience shopping wouldn’t be the same as my wife’s and daughter’s?

Love! That’s why. I love my wife which means I look for opportunities to prefer her – even when it means I do things that I don’t…well… prefer.

I don’t believe you have to become a shopping enthusiast to have a great marriage. But I do think getting beyond yourself every once in a while will do wonders for building up your spouse’s “joy cup”.

What’s one thing you can say “yes” to this week that will let your wife know you really do love her? And you can’t participate with a bad attitude. It doesn’t count.

I’d love to hear your ideas or things you’ve done that seemed simple or small but meant a big deal to your wife.

Because even though us men say we like being left alone, ultimately none of us want to be all alone.

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